176. Death of Sir David Rose —Scaffolding (Safety)

Death of Sir David Rose —Scaffolding (Safety)

HC Deb 29 January 1970

Mr. Fisher

asked the Secretary of State for Employment and Productivity what regulations she has made to ensure the inspection and safety of scaffolding.

Mr. Harold Walker

These matters are covered by the Construction (Working Places) Regulations 1966 (S.I. 1966 No. 94).

Mr. Fisher

Is the hon. Gentleman aware that I wonder whether they are adequately covered? In view of the tragic death of Sir David Rose, the Governor-General of Guyana, in Whitehall, is the hon. Gentleman entirely satisfied that existing arrangements adequately safeguard the public, since if scaffolding is expected to be used for only six months the Factory Inspectorate does not have to be informed? Is he aware that in those cases there is literally no safeguard for the public as to how it is used?

Mr. Walker

Without detracting from the proper concern and sympathy over this particularly tragic incident, I do not think that we ought to be stampeded by one or two spectacular accidents from focusing our attention on what are the real causes for concern. If we look at the accidents in the construction industry, those arising from scaffolding collapses form only a minor part. I have had a full inquiry made into this accident, as a consequence of which the district factory inspector has decided to prosecute both the scaffolding contractor and the main contractor for breaches of the regulations. The case is expected to be heard early in February.


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